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ANKH T. SESHAT........writer, producer, playwright and advocate for her people. Writing is her way of giving back to the community as well as freeing her mind and sol. When THE ANKHISH EXPERIENCE, LLC became a business, Ankh's passion to write enhanced. Not only does she write, but she has a desire is for every word to become real for everyone of color, every word to become an action plan, and every word to come together collectively to become a way of entertaining and giving knowledge in one setting. 

Ankh has produced two stage plays and is always working on more.

"LIVING FOR THE WEAK-END" was written as a book in 2014 under another titled, "DIS THANG AIN'T EASY." Ankh was spiritually led to redo the project and make it her own. She self- published and renamed it as it is today.

"BROKEN CHAINS," was selected from her short story group on Facebook titled, "THE ANKHISH EXPERIENCE brings you STOR-RE-MIX". Ankh created a platform within the group to give people a place to let out stories they've kept buried inside. The participant gives his/her story, creates a title, and she writes a short story to mimic what they gave and upon approval it's released to the group. No one knows who's story it is, but if one can relate to it, they express their feelings toward it, and it becomes group therapy.


From pages-to-stages has been her motto in an effort to get non-readers in tuned with her story. The people have a choice to read the story in the book, group or see the story on stage. 

Let’s Work Together

730 Peachtree St. 

Atlanta, Ga 30260

Tel: 678-826-6506

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